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Start date: March 3, 2023
End date: February 15, 2024

TankHead Oil & Gas Company was formed in June 2021 as an independent oil & gas company seeking to acquire interests in oil and gas properties primarily in the continental United States.


To minimize risk, and leverage our management’s experience and connections, TankHead focuses on acquiring non-operated working interests, royalty interests, and mineral interests. TankHead is led by a team of professionals with decades of experience in the oil and gas industry with a proven track record of evaluating, acquiring, and maximizing values in existing producing wells and fields. We focus on producing properties with a low reserve decline base and upside potential through behind pipe production or proven drilling locations. Because of our management’s extensive experience in the industry and our relationship with conservative, competent operators, we maintain a low overhead, maximizing the company’s value. Our goal is to acquire properties to justify an entry into the public market for future capital growth and to create value for our stockholders.


We successfully completed the acquisition of a 21.75% interest in approximately 110 active producing wells in Cooke County, Texas, in May 2022. This acquisition was completed through a combination of equity and bank debt. We are raising additional funds to build on our previous success by using equity or a combination of equity and bank debt to acquire additional properties.

Because of our producing assets, we are far from a start-up. By purchasing stock in Tankhead, you are purchasing equity in a functioning oil and gas company dedicated to maximizing shareholder value.


Why Tankhead?

• Management experience: Our management team collectively has more than 120 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. Through our management’s extensive connections, we are presented with unique opportunities to invest in oil and gas properties. We carefully evaluate properties presented with a seasoned eye to acquire interests in properties with a low decline curve and upside potential. Our management team has successfully used this model before and has significant experience in private equity, private office, and public sectors.


• Future growth: Although not a start-up, we are in the beginning process of developing value. We are currently offering stock at a purchase price of $1.25 per share of TankHead common stock. Our goal is that the value of the stock in TankHead will increase as we acquire more properties thus generating a higher company value which can translate to a higher stock value on the public market. By investing now, an investor will join the beginning stages of expected growth in value.


• Fundamentals: TankHead is built on fundamentals, not hype. We are not a drilling/promoting company. We buy properties with existing production to add to our already existing asset base. Our number one goal is to maximize shareholder value.

• Conservative investing: There are countless ways to make money in the oil and gas business; we make money conservatively, buying existing producing properties. We know what we are acquiring when we buy it, therefore decreasing the risk of the acquisition.

• Management of commodity pricing risk: Fluctuations in the price of oil and gas are unpredictable. We try to mitigate these risks by hedging some of our production, locking in prices for the future.

• Multiple ways to monetize our value: There are generally 3 ways to monetize value in an oil and gas company: a sale, merger, or the public market. Our goal is to access the public market within the next year. We think the public market gives everyone the chance to have liquidity in their investment individually and potentially receive a higher value for our company on the public market than through a private sale or merger.

• Audited financials: We have begun the process of having our financial statements audited by an independent CPA firm and expect to have our audit complete in early 2023. Audited financials should ensure accuracy of reported financial information and have us prepared to enter the public market when and if appropriate.

• Reliance on experienced professionals: We have retained an attorney as part of our management team with more than 40 years’ experience in oil and gas and securities matters. We constantly consult our attorney to make sure we are doing things properly from the legal perspective so the value of TankHead can be realized when the time comes. We have also retained a Sr. Director of Reservoir Analysis & Economic Evaluation with over 20 years’ experience who meticulously digs into the details of all properties we are considering acquiring, thus minimizing surprises.

• Bank financing: It is almost unheard of for a young oil and gas company to obtain traditional bank financing. We were able to get bank financing on our first deal due to our management’s relationships in the industry, coupled with acquiring a property with stable production. Our bank has expressed a willingness to continue our relationship to help us grow.

• We have assets: When you invest in TankHead you are investing in a company that already owns assets. You do not have to wait for a well to be drilled before your investment has any value; your investment has value on day one.

•Capital is the key. We know how to put money to work. Your investment in TankHead will help us grow the company and your investment. 

Investment Summary

We are offering shares of common stock in our company for $1.25 per share. By purchasing stock in TankHead, you are purchasing equity in a functioning oil and gas company dedicated to maximizing shareholder value. Now is the right time to jump into TankHead!

About Company:

About Company:

Thanks to our chosen business model we have a lean management team. We are committed to limiting our staff expenses by only adding personnel when required to accomplish our business objectives. Currently, our management team has a collective 120 years’ experience in the oil & gas industry. Thanks to our chosen business model we have a lean management team. We are committed to limiting our staff expenses by only adding personnel when required to accomplish our business objectives.

Kenneth W. (Wes) Welch

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board

Wes serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of TankHead and brings over 40 years’ experience to the TankHead team. Wes has experience in both the public and private sectors. Previously, Wes was VP of Land for Encore Acquisition Company, which was backed by several private equity firms, before entering the public market. After leaving Encore, Wes returned to the private equity sector, where he co-founded Ovation Energy I and II, of which both were backed by Encap Investments, L.P. Most recently, Wes was co-founder and CEO of 2W Energy LLC, a portfolio company of Sage Road Energy Capital. Wes is a past President of the Dallas Association of Petroleum Landmen and a former Board member of the Montana Oil and Gas Board. Wes has a B.B.A. from Texas Wesleyan College, class of 79.


Bradlee A. Combs

Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Brad is the founder and the driving force behind the formation of Tankhead and serves as TankHead’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. While forming TankHead, Brad has successfully assembled professionals with multi-years’ of oil and gas experience. As an owner and President of previous companies, with over 20 years in the industry, Brad has closed numerous oil and gas transactions in his career. Most recently Brad has served as an advisor and manager of assets of multimillion-dollar private partnerships. Brad has a B.S. in Economics from the University of Utah.


Kerensa Naghshbandi

Sr. Director for Reservoir Analysis & Economic Evaluation

Kerensa has over 26 years’ experience performing acquisition evaluations and managing reserve determination and budget processes in the oil and gas industry. Kerensa most recently served as the Business Development & Budget/Planning Manager of Crossing Rocks Energy I and II. Prior to CRE I & II, Kerensa served as the Budget and Planning Manager/Business Development at Classic/Atlantic Exploration from 2006 to 2014, where she was responsible for budget planning & modeling, reserve report preparation, and presentation of internal reserve reports and updates to third party reserve auditors and various financial institutions. Before joining Classic, Kerensa worked at Encore Acquisition Company from 1998 to 2005 as a Business Development Analyst where her responsibilities included acquisition evaluations and reserve database management. Kerensa holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Texas at Arlington and is recognized as a Pi Sigma Alpha, National Political Honor Society member.

Steve Holmes

Legal Counsel

Steve is an attorney at SettlePou, PC, in Dallas. Steve has more than 40 years’ experience representing entrepreneurial clients from inception through the lifecycle of a business enterprise, providing corporate advice to companies on multiple topics. Steve advises his client through the intricacies of the federal and state securities laws, helping his clients raise funds on a private and public basis. Steve also represents clients in the acquisition of assets or other entities, preparing and negotiating asset and equity purchase agreements for multiple types of companies and industries, representing buyers and sellers, and assists in designing and implementing due diligence examinations of prospective buyers and sellers. Steve has a B.A. in Economics from Oberlin College and a J.D. degree from Southern Methodist University’s School of Law.

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